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Through trainings, we will be able to help pediatric care providers increase their knowledge and confidence in managing their patients with behavioral health needs. Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership team members are available to provide specific education and training opportunities to providers and their teams, on top of our scheduled webinars.

Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership’s clinical team will provide virtual live webinars on specific behavioral health topics. During these "live" trainings there will be Q&A’s. Trainings will be recorded and available for "on demand" training opportunities.

Training Schedule

Topic Date/Time Presenter Registration
Trauma December 8, 2021 - 7:30-8:30am Dr. Joshua Newman Pre-register for webinar

On Demand Trainings

We are pleased to offer On Demand trainings:

Maine Pediatric & Behavior Health Partnership Learning Series Link Power Point Presentation CME Attendance Code SurveyMonkey
Approaching Psychiatric Issues in Primary Care Approaching Psychiatric Issues in Primary Care video link PDF 75868 No survey via survey monkey
Suicide Risk Management Suicide Risk Management video link PDF 75099 No survey via survey monkey
Anxiety Anxiety video link PDF 75919 Anxiety SurveyMonkey
Autism Autism video link PDF 76009 Autism SurveyMonkey
Therapeutic Interviewing Therapeutic Interviewing video link PDF 76298 Therapeutic Interviewing SurveyMonkey
ADHD ADHD video link PDF 76299 ADHD SurveyMonkey
Depression Depression video link PDF 76300 Depression SurveyMonkey
Eating Disorders Eating Disorders video link PDF 76301 Eating Disorders SurveyMonkey
Psychosis Psychosis video link  PDF 76302 Psychosis SurveyMonkey
Trauma Available after 12/8/21   76303 Trauma SurveyMonkey


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  4. You will receive a text message that says your attendance is recorded
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Additional Training Resources

Trauma Informed 101 Webinar: (169) Trauma Informed 101 Presentation - YouTube

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