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Mental Health Promotion in the School Setting

Mental Health Promotion in the School Setting ECHO is a structured forum for those working with students in Maine schools to bring forward complicated behavioral health cases for review and recommendations. The ECHO learning series will be delivered by MCD Global Health as a complement to the existing offerings of the Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership, a partnership between Maine CDC, Northern Light Acadia Hospital and MaineHealth.

Program Goal: To create a virtual learning environment for participants to bring forward complex behavioral health cases to colleagues and a panel of subject matter experts for review and recommendations.

Objective 1: To develop increased comfort and confidence to foster positive social, emotional and behavioral skills and well-being of all students

Objective 2: To share best-practices for implementation of tier one services for overall mental health.

Objective 3: To foster strong connections between individuals supporting students and the broader community.

Objective 4: To create user-friendly mental health promotion toolkits by leveraging local experts and resources.


 Didactic Topic

Presenter Date
Proactive Solutions to Problem Behaviors Greg Marley, LCSW

May 22, 2023

3:30-4:30 pm

Connecting: Family-School-Community Chris McLaughlin, LCSW

June 12, 2023


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Credit Hours & Evaluation

It is critically important for us to evaluate the effectiveness of our curriculum and program; thus, we ask ECHO participants to complete a brief survey after each session. Certificates of Attendance with Credit Hours will be awarded upon submission of the survey.


Mental Health Promotion in the School Setting ECHO - Didactic Recording & Resources

Didactic Topic

Presenter Link Power Point Presentation Resources

Supporting Students with Anxiety

Bear Shea, LCSW


  Video Link

 Power Point

    Resource Sheet

Building Emotional Resilience


Lee Sowles, MPH   Video Link Power Point     Resource Sheet

Promoting Rational Thinking


John Crocker, MEd   Video Link Power Point     Resource Sheet

Trauma Sensitive De-escalation


Cherie LaFlamme, BCBA   Video Link  Power Point      Resource Sheet 

School Based Health Centers ECHO - Didactic Recording & Resources

 Didactic Topic

Presenter Link Power Point Presentation Resources

Integrated Suicide Risk Screening & Assessment

Sheila Nelson & Greg Marley, LCSW


 Video Link

 Power Point

     Resource Sheet

Collaborative Safety Planning 


Greg Marley, LCSW Video Link Power Point    Resource Sheet

Counseling on Access to

Lethal Means

Sheila Nelson Video Link Power Point     Resource Sheet

Engaging Families and

Reducing Stigma

Jesse Higgins, PMHNP Video Link Power Point    Resource Sheet

School Resources: 

Safety Plan 

Collaborative Safety Planning Guide 

School Mental Health Quality Guide: Mental Health Promotion Services & Supports (Tier 1)