Services Provided to Pediatric Care Providers

If you are a patient or family member looking for resources, please visit the Patients & Families resources page.


Inquiries can be patient-specific, or general questions related to child psychiatry, behavioral health, or community resources. 

Resources and Care Coordination

The behavioral health system can be challenging to navigate. Resource and referral specialists are experts at identifying and maintaining up-to-date behavioral health resources in the community.


Through trainings, we will be able to help pediatric care providers increase their knowledge and confidence in managing their patients with behavioral health needs. Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership team members are available to provide specific education and training opportunities to providers and their teams, on top of our scheduled webinars.

Expectations of partnering practices

  • Participate in training opportunities
  • Communicate questions and consult requests through the HIPPA compliant electronic means provided
  • Provide aggregated data
  • Provide ongoing feedback on effectiveness of the program

Orientation and Enrollment

Once a provider or practice expresses interest in partnering with Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership, one or more regional team members will meet with you and your colleagues to explain the program, how to access Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership services, answer questions, and discuss expectations. They also want to learn about how your practice operates and currently addresses pediatric behavioral health screening, assessment, and treatment.